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    _Population:120 Ruler:Sword Commander Osgrim Steelbeard_ Eastwatch Fort stands watch over the gap between the Icebarrier and the Temujin Marsh, and serves as a deterrent to any orcs or goblins from the eastern Icebarrier thinking of troubling Myre or …


    _Population:3,000 Ruler:Lord Marshal Jaufre Humbert Religion:Sigel, Kenaz, Freo, Tiw Imports:Ale, iron, pipeleaf, salt Exports:None_ At the Winterlands end of Hellfrost Pass stands Hell-frost Keep, an imposing fortress constructed across the entire …


    _Population:120 Ruler:Sword Commander Reginhard ap-Unroch_ Situated on a hill between the Icebarrier and the southern tip of White Lake, the garrison of Watchgap Fort is charged with keeping an eye over the wide pass between these features. The hills …

  • Rancho de Oswine Hamasunu

    Rancho de um amigo de [[:ulfwald-deep-pockets | Ulfwald Deep-Pockets]]. Acolheu a caravana. Aqui aconteceu uma batalha contra cerca de 50 goblins e 1 ogro.

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