Ruler:Count Froech the Learned; daily affairs are handled by a council
Religion:Hoenir, Eostre, Var
Imports:Furs, gold (leaf), wine
Exports:Books, leather goods, livestock, meat, wool

Nara stands on the Aslov to Bridgewater trade road and serves as a convenient stopping point for merchants.
Despite having little decent farmland, the hills around Nara are perfect for grazing livestock, and the town has grown rich.
Like Aslov, the city has an influx of refugees. The count recently annexed the hills to the east as far as the Crystalflow, and refugees who swear allegiance to the town and pay their taxes are granted a small parcel of land to call their own. As Aslov diminishes, so Nara is expanding.

The House of Lore: The Lorekeepers maintain a scribal school in Nara. For the most part it serves as a central scriptorium, where Lorekeepers can return books and scrolls to be copied. One section is devoted to manufacturing vellum and inks.
-Bomanz: Sábio da casa do conhecimento, diz talvez saber o que faz o LIVRO. (Atualmente em HELLFROST KEEP)

Templo de Ertha:
-Farrun: Sacerdote que auxiliou vocês e garantiu o auxílio de Ertha para o grupo (3 usos do Edge Connections)


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