Ruler:Lord Marshal Jaufre Humbert
Religion:Sigel, Kenaz, Freo, Tiw
Imports:Ale, iron, pipeleaf, salt

At the Winterlands end of Hellfrost Pass stands Hell-frost Keep, an imposing fortress constructed across the entire pass. A dozen towers line the span, each with ballistae and catapults ready to launch destruction on any foe foolish enough to try and invade the Hearthlands.
The walls of the fort are curved inward, creating a “bowl” which attackers must pass into to reach the gates. This allows the siege towers at the flanks to support counterattacks along much of the defensive line. A single set of wooden gates, reinforced with iron and dwarven runes of armoring, allow entry to the Hearthlands.
Within the walls, built over several levels, are the armories, barracks, stables, storehouses, and workshops for the Hearth Knights, who man this imposing structure all year round, as well as private chambers for senior Knights, map and reference libraries, battle planning rooms, and so forth. A series of narrow corridors along the outer wall leads to “killing rooms,” small chambers where the outer wall is thinner and dotted with arrow slits, allowing archers to fire down at attackers.

Crypt of Heroes: Beneath the walls of Hellfrost Keep are several sub-levels. Within the silent halls lie the hal-lowed remains of dead Knights who lost their lives fulfilling their oaths. The lower one goes, the more important the Knights were in life. The body of the order’s founder, Baron Arthan Gulver, lies alone on the lowest level.
Healing House:The Sisterhood of Mercy has an infir-mary within Hellfrost Keep, manned by eight Sisters and 30 Swords of Necessity. The Sisters rarely go on patrol with the Knights.
Keep (Pop. 617):On the Hearthland side of Hellfrost Keep is a small village, known to most simply as Keep.
The inhabitants make their living supplying goods to the Knights, as well as selling tents, furs, firewood, food, oil, and winter clothing to brave adventurers heading into the ice realms.
There are also a dozen taverns, most barely large enough to house a dozen patrons, providing welcome for those returning from the wastes beyond the wall, or marking a last taste of home for those venturing north-ward. The taverns operate 24 hours a day.
The Iron Guild maintains a large Guildhouse here, housing over 100 mercenaries at any one time. The Knights value the Guild’s presence, as it means their members do not have to protect merchant caravans.

-Magistrado Ap-Serin: Auxiliando Bomanz na tradução do O LIVRO.


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