Peacekeeper Galron – Paladino

Agility – D6 1point
Smart – D6 1point
Strength- D6 (min hind)
Spirit – D10 2points
Vigor – D8 1point+N2

Human (1 Free Edge – 18 skill points)

-1 Quirk (não fala com seguidores de Sisters of Mercy)
-2 Heroic

Arcane Background – Miracles (free)
follower of Eira.
Gravetouched (2 vs undead) (Troca pela major hind)
Charismatic (
2 charisma)

Milagres Liguas:
beast friend (free) Engrosi
Faith (sp) d6 2pontos
Persuasion (sp) d8 2pt/N3
Gambling (sm) d4 1point
Notice (sm) d6 2points
streetwise (sm) d6 2pontos
Knowledge arcana (sm) d6 2points
Knowledge Craft (sm) d4 1pontos
Knowledge Religions (sm) d4 free
Shooting (ag) d6 2pontos
Fighting (ag) d6 2points
Healing (sm) d8 2pt/N3

Arcane Background – Miracles (free)
Gravetouched (troca pelas duas hind)
N1- Charismatic (+2 charisma)
N2- VG +1
N3- Persuasion/Healing
S1- SM +1

Heroic Status +1 intimidation/persuasion
Heroic Aura +1 Thougness

3 connections com seguidores de Ertha
1 connections com guarda de Nordmark.


Leather 1 15 50 Covers torso, arms, legs
Spear Str
d6 5 100 Parry +1, Reach 1, 2 hands
Bow 12/24/48 2d6 1 250 3 — d6
Arrows 30 6 15
-Normal Clothing $10
-Backpack $5 2lb
-Blanket $10 4lb
-4 days rations $ 5lb
-Medalhão do Martelo de Thunor
-Medalhão de Ertha
-Roupas de frio intenso
-anel ouro raro anari
-Peles para o frio intenso
-material de acampamento para o frio
-430 cogs

Gravetouched (Background Edge)
Requirements: Spirit d8+, Vigor d6+
The hero has survived a deadly assault by an undead. In doing so, he has gained limited resistance to necromantic
powers. After character generation, the hero must survive being Incapacitated by an undead attack
using spells or supernatural special abilities before he can take this Edge.
The hero has +2 to resist spells with a necromantic trapping or special abilities of undead creatures which
require a die roll to resist. It provides no bonus against natural weapons (such as claws) or forged weapons
wielded by undead (even magical ones).

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Your hero has learned how to work with others, even those
who might be somewhat opposed to him or his efforts. This
adds +2 to his Charisma.



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